Some interesting resources and websites I collect across the web.

This list may change from time to time as I add new content and remove obsolete links.

I may or may not be related to these projects. To find out more about me and my projects, check out the links in the top navigation bar.

People and blogs

  • Hausec - Red team professional, has written a few VulnHub writeups and has useful resources such as a pentesting cheatsheet.
  • Scott Helme - He presents himself as a Security Researcher, and runs a blog with very up-to-date and accurate information for hardening servers. He also runs two free, very popular tools that help you deploy better security.
  • Root Network Security - Reverse engineering, binary dissassembly and systems programming.

General resources

  • Awesome - Master list of awesome lists.
  • Awesome Video Channels - A curated list of online video channels for learning just about anything!
  • Better Crypto - Comprehensive list of settings for many server software to achieve the best levels of encryption.
  • Build your own X - Tutorials on learning through creating.
  • DigitalOcean - (Referrer) Deploy full Linux virtual machines in seconds.
  • Duolingo - Free language learning.
  • edX - High quality educational material.
  • GitLab - Powerful free open source web-based Git management with the option to self-host.
  • GitHub Pages - Free static website hosting.
  • Jekyll - My favourite static site generator.
  • Khan Academy - FREE (no ads!) online courses from Kindergarten to college.
  • Learn Anything - Directions for learning anything with easy to understand, interactive maps.
  • MIT OpenCourseWare - Free, high quality college lesson recordings.
  • - White noise, rain, fireplaces… Noises to help you focus, relax, or sleep.
  • Privacy Tools - Tools to secure your digital life against mass surveillance.

Useful tools

  • Cyber Chef - The Cyber Swiss Army Knife - a web app for encryption, encoding, compression and data analysis
  • DevDocs - API documentation for hundreds of languages and configuration files

Administration tools

  • Tools - Multiple network tools, like port scanning, HTTP headers, and nameserver zone transfer tests.
  • Hardenize - Multiple tests and scores for encryption and general web security.
  • MTA-STS validator - MTA-STS is similar to HSTS, but applied to SMPT mail servers.
  • MxToolbox - Multiple tests for mail servers, especially spam list checking for seeing if your E-mail server is tagged as a spammer by some list.
  • Secure Email - Free SPF/DKIM/DMARC and STARTTLS checking for E-mail servers.
  • Security Headers - Free web server header tests and grading.
  • SSL email check - Checks mail servers for encryption their supported SSL/TLS protocols and certificates offered.
  • Qualys SSL Labs - Free SSL/TLS server and browser tests.

Cybersecurity (CTF and hacking challenges)

  • Google Gruyere - Hosted vulnerable application instance.
  • HackTheBox - Practice exploiting and hacking machines legally.
  • VulnHub - Free, downloadable VMs for practice.

Cybersecurity resources (documentation and information)