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“There are no small problems. Problems that appear small are large problems that are not understood.” - Santiago Ramón y Cajal


When the “better coding style” is the wrong style

  • 3 min read

Code is always read more than it is written or debugged. It is of the utmost importance that code is optimised for readability. And in this regard, it must be written such that the largest amount of people possible can read and understand it as quickly as possible.

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Breaking bad habits thanks to dark patterns

  • 6 min read

Most digital products and services are optimised to generate as much revenue as possible. An app will only generate revenue for the creator for as long as you keep actively engaging with it. Therefore, one of the most important digital metrics is what’s called “user retention”. This is the percentage of users that return to the app in a specific timeframe.

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SSH tunnelling

  • 2 min read

Quick reference guide to use when you need to use OpenSSH’s various tunnelling features.

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My path into AWS: Part 1, Introduction

  • 9 min read

This will be a series of posts on the AWS recruitment process. If you wish to see a list of all the posts for this series, click here. I will try to cover everything I find relevant, but I’m open to suggestions on what to include. Let me know via Twitter!

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