About me

About me

If you have a job offer, please use the social links on this page to contact me on your preferred communication method and request my resume.

My name is León Castillejos. I’m an experienced Site Reliability Engineer with deep Linux and Platform Engineering knowledge.

I’m currently part of the Core Platforms team at Booking.com.

I consider myself a passionate and creative individual who thrives in highly competitive and intellectually demanding environments.

My native country is Spain, so my primary language is Spanish. I can also speak and write English fluently, and I’m currently learning Dutch.

I love travelling. I have visited the following countries (in no particular order): :es: :ru: :portugal: :fr: :uk: :luxembourg: :de: :us: :canada: :jp: :cn: :hong_kong: :ireland: :netherlands: :denmark: :norway: :sweden:

I want to visit these countries: :kr: :taiwan: :thailand: :australia: :new_zealand: :austria: :finland: :andorra: :switzerland:

I created this blog in order to have a centralised place to express my opinion and share what I know with the world.

Me across the web

  • myNoise Friends - Listed as “white hat hacker”, I help secure the website and perform penetration testing and responsible vulnerability disclosure.

My publications

How I do my computing

I use all three major desktop operating systems regularly, but I am currently rocking a ThinkPad X1 Carbon 11th generation with Fedora Linux. I also have a Ryzen desktop computer, an M2 Pro Mac Mini, and run a complex homelab setup with a multi-cloud environment (Hetzner, Vultr, AWS), 5 bare-metal hosts, all protected by a Wireguard VPN.

For editing code, I use Visual Studio Code with a Vim extension. I wrote a post on the extensions I use the most.

My shell of choice is zsh. My settings are published here.

My favourite imperative programming languages is Go, although I have also used Python, Java, and, to a lesser extent, Ruby in the past.

My favourite declarative programming language is Scala. I’ve used Prolog as well.

For my photo editing and graphical design needs, I rely on Affinity Photo, and Affinity Designer.