About me

About me

If you have a job offer, please use the social links on this page to contact me on your preferred communication method and request my resume.

My name is León Castillejos. I’m a Higher Technician in Multi-Platform Applications Development. Currently studying Computer Science & Engineering at URJC, a Spanish university located in Madrid.

I consider myself a passionate and creative individual who thrives in highly competitive and intellectually demanding environments.

My native country is Spain, so my primary language is Spanish. I can also speak and write English fluently, and I’m currently learning Dutch.

I love travelling. I have visited the following countries (in no particular order): :es: :ru: :portugal: :fr: :uk: :luxembourg: :de: :us: :canada: :jp: :cn: :hong_kong: :ireland: :netherlands:

I want to visit these countries: :kr: :taiwan: :thailand: :australia: :new_zealand: :austria: :norway: :sweden: :finland: :andorra: :switzerland:

I created this blog in order to have a centralised place to express my opinion and share what I know with the world.

Me across the web

  • myNoise Friends - Listed as “white hat hacker”, I help secure the website and perform penetration testing and responsible vulnerability disclosure.
  • Tutorio.es - Listed as “sysadmin”, responsible for server maintenance, management, and hardening.

My publications

How I do my computing

I own a MacBook Pro 2016, and use macOS on a daily basis. I also use Linux very often, and maintain some Linux servers running Debian, Proxmox, CentOS, Fedora Server, and a Windows Server as an experimentation platform.

For editing code, I use Visual Studio Code with a Vim extension. I wrote a post on the extensions I use the most.

My shell of choice is zsh. My settings are published here.

My favourite imperative programming languages is Go, although I have also used Python, Java, and, to a lesser extent, Ruby in the past.

My favourite declarative programming language is Haskell. I’ve used Prolog and Scala in the past.

For writing documents, I use a combination of LaTeX and Markdown, depending on whether what I write will be published on the web (for which I use Markdown, with LaTeX math formulas through MathJax), or needs to be printed, or released as a PDF file, (for which I use plain LaTeX).

For my photo editing and graphical design needs, I rely on Affinity Photo, and Affinity Designer.