Increasing post frequency

Increasing post frequency

TL;DR: I will try to stick to a bi-weekly post schedule. 1 post every 14 days.

Since I started this blog, I have been posting pretty much whenever I felt like.

There are multiple reasons I started this blog. Obviously, the main goal was to share what I learned with everyone. I’d be happy if my posts help even a single person in the world. However, this blog is not only public for everyone to see, but I use it as a reference tool. I write down what I might need to review in the future. I write down especially complex topics and techniques. I use this blog like a sort of more structured sticky notes system.

Not only blogging helps spread information, but for the author, writing everything down, with a reasonable attention to quality, helps fix information in long term memory.

Other goals for this ongoing project include improving my writing and communication skills, and keep an archive of what I learn, what I do, and, essentially, who I am, so in the future, I am able to look back and apply introspection. This is especially true because this blog is published through GitHub, and every single post goes through a Git repository. Sometimes, posts take me 2 or 3 commits, because I spot mistakes after publishing them, so I have to go back and correct them.

So basically, I want to stick to a tighter schedule, and I will try to write a post at least once every two weeks, approximately. Sometimes it might be 18 days between two posts, sometimes 10, but I want to produce high quality content more often than I have been lately.

If there’s anything you want to read more about, just let me know. I’ll be happy to oblige! As always, comments on the posts, or tweets, e-mails, and so on are welcome.

I would also like to thank you (yes, you, the one reading) for taking a look at my blog. It fills me with pride and joy.